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Kissir The dam was constructed on river Kissir at north-east part of Algeria, near the city of JIJEL, about 1 km from the Mediteranean coast. Purpose of the dam is water supply to city of Jijel and irrigation of coastal region. 
Storage reservoir „Prvonek“ will provide drinking water to Vranjska Banja,Vranje, Bujanovac, Preševo.
Dam Sarrath The dam was constructed on river SARRATH in west part of Tunisia, near the town of EL KEF and it will be used for water supply and irrigation of region of Boughanem and Mahjouba. 
Tunel - Interceptor Sewer INTERCEPTOR, Usce-Veliko Selo, is designed as solution for collection and transfer of waste water and part of rain water from central sewerage system of Belgrade, including Novi Beograd and Zemun. Waste water will be collected and transferred downstream from the city to river Danube.  
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Beni Amrane


Water from storage reservoir "Beni Amrane" is pumped by the pump station (situated near the dam) through concrete pipeline (length 31 km, diameter 2,0 m) to "Keddara" storage reservoir, and then it is conveyed to the water treatment plant in Boudouaou and further to water reservoirs in city of Algiers. In execution of this project our company has applied for the first time the roller compacted concrete. 60.000 m3 of RCC was placed for the protection of downstream dam slope and flat section downstream from the stilling pool.


river, place, country

Oued Isser, Beni Amrane, Algeria

Type of dam

Combined, embankment and concrete dam


Ministry of Hydraulics



Dam height
Crest length
Concrete volume
Storage capacity

39,5 m
324 m
716.000 m3
290.000 m3
16.000.000 m3